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Everybody is a child at least once in their lifetime. Growing up, there are a lot of special childhood objects that a child obtains at different points in their adolescence. Some cling to blankets, others bottles; however, I was most dear to my stuffed bunny Becky. My earliest memories of my childhood always included Becky. The morning I received Becky was a foggy Easter morning. My three-year old instincts woke me up at the break of dawn to run downstairs and see what the Easter Bunny had left me.
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Unformatted text preview: Halfway down the stairwell I came to the realization my parents were not awake. I darted back up the stairs to wake my slumbering parents and drag their overly stressed and tired bodies out of bed. I raced down the stairs like a lightning bullet while my parents sluggishly lagged behind me. Sitting on top of the red brick fireplace was a plethora of pastel candies, eggs and toys. Perched atop the assortment of gifts was a pale pink stuffed bunny....
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