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o Gender and the Second Shift o Word of the Day – disaffiliate: to detach oneself from an organization; to detach that which is affiliated o Recap: o Essentialism is the view that gender stems from the natural or biological differences between men and women. o The Social Construction of Gender: Sociologists argue that gender is learned. People are socialized into their gender identity by almost every major institution. -Family, school, media o Gender and Inequality o Women do not participate in the labor force in a totally equal basis as men. Even today there is still a 20% gap. o Hochschild, Second Shift -Hochschild begins her study with a puzzle: The “feminist revolution” has opened up many new opportunities for women. Ex. Women now represent agreater fraction of the paid workforce than ever before. Yet the “feminist revolution” seems to have stalled at home. Key questions: -How to married men and women divide up the second shift? -What determines how the second shift gets divided up? -How do married men and women feel about he way they handle the way they div up the second shift in their marriage o Research design -interviewed 50 couples living in northern CA during late 70’s and early 80’s o -located additional respondents by randomly surveying employees of a large urban manufacturing company. At the end of the survey, she asked married couples raising children and working full time to participate in in-depth interviews. o The Limits of Standard Sociology o -When she sat down to analyze her interviews, Hochschild found that the standard array of sociological variables did not necessary apply
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o -It was not possible to tell how a married couple would handle the second shift simply by identifying their income, ethnicities, and personalities; something more complex was going on o Gender Strategy o -She found the interplay of the husband’s gender strategy and the wife’s gender strategy is what determined the apportionment of the second shift o -A gender strategy is partially defined by a person’s gender ideology (their beliefs about what is appropriate for a man and woman) o -3 main gender ideologies: egalitarian, traditional, transitional o -But somebody’s gender strategy is not completely defined by their gender ideology. It also involves their feelings about their marital circumstances as well as their
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socofgender - o o Gender and the Second Shift Word of the...

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