urban - URBAN POVERTY I What explains urban poverty A...

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I. What explains urban poverty? A. Edward C. Banfield 1. Cities attracted lower class migrants with a defective culture 2. These migrants had difficulty planning over the long term and difficulty deferring gratification B. Murray 1. Welfare policy was actually the cause of, and not the solution to, urban poverty 2. Federal entitlements were set too high; they reduced the incentive to work and raised the incentive to bear children out of wedlock C. William Julius Wilson 1. Economic Transformation 2. Historical Discrimination 3. Spatial and educational mismatch 4. Joblessness 5. Marriageable men 6. Black, middle-class exodus 7. Social isolation D. Massey and Denton, American Apartheid 1. Massey and Denton agree with other scholars who point out that continuation of racial discrimination in American society 2. They place as special emphasis on the role of racial segregation in enabling and reinforcing other forms of racial discrimination E. Urban Poverty in Detroit: A Historical Perspective 1.
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urban - URBAN POVERTY I What explains urban poverty A...

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