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Unformatted text preview: AC 201 Midterm Exam Questions Winter 2008 Part I. You will be asked to identify and explain the significance of five terms, names, events or phrases from the course. Your answers should be two or three sentences long. They will be worth two points each for a total of ten points. Part II. Three of the following four questions will appear on your midterm exam. You will be asked to answer two of those three. The essays will be worth 45 points each. Essays should be well organized and each should have a clear, well-supported thesis. Each essay should make a specific argument . As you know, we expect to see evidence of careful preparation i.e., thoughtfully constructed arguments and thoughtfully selected evidence. Each essay asks you to draw specifically on two readings. Please be sure to avoid offering a series of short summaries of the texts. Lecture material lectures, photographs, films, etc -- should also be included in all of your answers . We want you to use course materials to...
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