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9/18 – Political Science – US Government I. Commerce Clause * Heart of Atlanta motel * 1964 Civil Rights Bill – Says African American citizens have the same rights to public accommodation as any other citizen. * before 1964- 14 th amendment decided civil right laws. * Ollie Molson- tried to sue the government for not allowing him to segregate who stays in his ATL motel. He got turned down because he would be hurting interstate commerce, which is unconstitutional. To help regulate, you are not allowed to have guns within 2 blocks of school zones. In the case “Lopez vs. U.S” III. States Rights States start to lose power to the national government. Andrew Jackson and J.C Calhoun where president, and vice president at the time.
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Unformatted text preview: • Calhoun a native from South Carolina quits Vice Presidency because A.J threatened to send troops to South Carolina. • “Disposition of Ungovernment” by Calhoun • States Power: 1. Null + Void 2. Interposition 3. Sates can succeed from union • South Carolina- first state to succeed from the union. Followed by 10 more states. IV. Jamestown • 20 Africans traded for fresh water, and food in Jamestown. This is the introduction to slavery in the U.S. 1626 they were free. • 1661 – laws pass that say Africans will serve as perpetual servants of the whites. “introduction of slavery to U.S” • Certain people of color were free that were already free before 1661. Some states even gave them the right to vote....
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