9-27 Lecture Civil Rights

9-27 Lecture Civil Rights - Polysci 111 9/27/07 1. CIVIL...

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Polysci 111 – 9/27/07 1. CIVIL RIGHTS a. Native Americans, African Americans, and Women. And eventually Hispanic Americans i. *Not covered by the U.S civil Liberties, so they created their own ii. Fed. Gov’t- banned slavery in 1808. 1. Would be neat, but was not enforced b. 1793- Savannah GA, noticed that cotton needed to be separated from seeds. He created a machine to do it automatically. i. This proposed the idea of MORE slavery. – Entrenched politically c. Abolish Slavery because it is Unconstitutional i. 1833 – Start of abolitionists. ii. Country starts to expand – after Louisiana Purchase (Thomas Jefferson) 1. Should new states be slave states or free states. 2. Missouri Compromise a. One state Slave state, one state Free State iii. Mexican American War – 1. America gets more land, free states or slave states? 2. Civil war starts because they needed to decide how the new states would be decided a. 4 Slave states fight with the Union, i. Kentucky ii. Delaware iii. Maryland
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