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10-9 Polysci 111 1. Voters And Campaigns a. 1960 American Voter i. Party ID 1. Strong Republicans, Weak Republicans, Independent Republicans 2. Independants 3. Strong Democrat, Weak Democrats, Independent Democrats. b. Socio Economic Status – c. Primary Elections – Candidates vs. Candidates 1. Party Nomination 2. Run-off elections – Top 2 voted get to run against each other. a. 50 + 1 : Majority of votes 3. General Election 4. Primary Runoff ii. Referendum – Proposal for state ballot iii. An election whereby the state legislation submits proposed legislation to the states voter’s for approval. iv. Recall: An election in which voters can remove an incumbent from office by
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Unformatted text preview: popular vote. v. Presidential election 1. Presidential primary: 2. Iowa & New Hampshire – held primary in Feb. – April d. King Caucus – eventually decided to be elited, and unconstitutional i. King Caucus’, then National convention, then Presidential Primaries ii. 1968 – 18 presidential primaries iii. 1982 – 32 presidential primaries e. Big Mo – Momentum f. States decide dates of primary election g. *FRONT LOADING* : i. The tendency of states to choose an early date on the primary calendar. ii....
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