11-26 - Social Welfare Policy

11-26 - Social Welfare Policy - Social Welfare Policy...

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Social Welfare Policy – November 26 th , 2007 1) Policy Process a) Problem Recognition i) Birthplace for an issue, issues are first starting to be brought up ii) What things are perceived to be problems, and what should the government address? b) Agenda Setting i) Two Types of Agendas (1) systemic agenda-a discussion agenda of all issues that are seen as meriting public attention . (2) governmental or institutional agenda-only problems to which legislators or public officials feel obliged to devote serious time and attention . c) Getting on the Congressional Agenda i) the president sets agenda priorities in the State of the Union address, the budget, and special messages throughout his administration. ii) interest groups and lobbyists help to shape the congressional agenda through their efforts. iii) events may dictate an agenda item such as flooding in the Midwest, mine explosions, nuclear accidents, or earthquakes iv) The news media d) Policy Formation i) Policy formulation is the crafting of appropriate and acceptable courses of action to
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11-26 - Social Welfare Policy - Social Welfare Policy...

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