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Persuasive Memo - and are more willing to complete their...

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Memo To: Digi Fast Owner From: Jaime L. Bates CC: Date: 06:53:35 Re: Proposal for new service This memo is describing the service that I want to offer and how it is going to help Digi Fast, and benefit the company and its employees, and your fellow business owners. I believe that your company is in need of a good snack bar, a place that is not your typical snack bar it will be higher end food but at a reasonable cost. The snack bar will offer coffee, teas, and cappuccinos; it will also have a very professional staff to prepare good quality sandwiches, soups and salads. This snack bar is going to give you the good quality food that you would get at a restaurant, but without the wait for a table and without being late coming back to work. Having a snack bar is going to help everyone work better. It has been proven that people who eat a wholesome breakfast (which is also offered) work better, aren’t as tired
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Unformatted text preview: and are more willing to complete their tasks instead of being tired for the first hours of work they will actually be able to work better, and more efficiently. I believe that your company needs something like this in your building to not only offer to your employees but it will greatly benefit the other companies in the building, and the ones to come. This snack bar is giving you and your employees a place inside your building to go get lunch and be back on time, or if there is a big project due get there lunch and keep working either way this is a great asset to your company, your fellow business owners, and your employees. Also putting in this snack bar also prevents you from having to hire more people because they can’t come back from lunch on time, this will prove to be more time efficient for you and your employees, and the other companies in your building everyone wins. 2...
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