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Memo To: Christine Lancaster, Training Supervisor From: Joe Gilmore, Training Department Manager Date: 06:53:52 Re: Training Series I think it is a good idea, to include this in the training process. But I would like to know more. With our employees I think we all need a little bit more of emotional intelligence. But I would like to know more I want to how are we going to incorporate this into our training program? When do you think you could get started researching this further for me? This is a great idea I think that having the ability for the management and the employees to work better, not only with each other but for the goal of the company. Now when including this are you going to want to lead up the training process yourself? I really want to get together and have a meeting here soon and further discuss this venture.
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Unformatted text preview: What other ideas do you have for training? Not only that but improving our company and achieving our sales goals? When do you think that you could have this ready to put to test? We need to consider everything; will the employees be able to handle the change? Will they understand that it is for the better? Emotional intelligence is a great idea for any company, I am defiantly going to take this to corporate and see what they think. Especially before we jump ahead of ourselves, I just want to make sure they think that this is just as a great idea as I think it is. Also do you think if I needed you to that you could put together a presentation on your idea? I really want to present this to the board. Let me know. Sincerely Joe Gilmore Training Department Manager 1...
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