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Question answers com 140 - As always your tone in memo...

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The main formatting differences are obviously one is a memo and one is an academic paper. But the memo is informative gives you a brief description, and features the attached paper. The paper itself is more detailed it gives you exactly what the training course would include. Audience, Purpose, and Tone are very important when formatting both papers. Because take the memo for one, when preparing a memo you are preparing something that needs to be brief and straight to the point, also it needs to be formatted and written towards your audience.
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Unformatted text preview: As always your tone in memo should be formal. In the paper you still need to consider your audience but you need to make sure you are giving enough details to where they understand what they are reading. Your purpose, at least in the paper was to describe the details of training that could be used. Your tone can be informal but still maintain professional etiquette while writing something like this, as said you have to make sure you are writing towards your audience....
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