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Capstone DQ - head every time I compose an email I consider...

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I will take what I have learned about effective business communication, and I will apply it in my current job in how I communicate with my employer and fellow employees. I will also do the same with future jobs. As far as my time hear everything I have learned about proper emails, memos, and letters will become very useful in my future here at Axia. I never knew how to properly write an email or even a memo for that matter. I never had thought about the audience, tone, or purpose when writing any of these. From now on though it is always a thought in my
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Unformatted text preview: head, every time I compose an email I consider those things before I begin to write. There are a lot of great little tools that can be mental notes when continuing here at Axia or in my future jobs and I will use every one of them to the best of my abilities. Every tool here and everything that I have learned, is going to be very useful for my future adventurers down the line here at Axia and in every job I might have from here to come. I know that I will use what I have learned about properly writing emails a lot in future jobs....
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