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capstone checkpoint - wrong I would like for my...

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I would have to say that the strengths that got me to my graduation day would have to be, my willingness to learn, my hard work and determination but most of all the part the really pushed me through was my stubbornness the part of me that doesn’t like to fail. I have spent most of my life being told “you can’t do it” so I have learned to use that negative and turn it into something positive such as, when I am told that it makes me try harder to do succeed to prove that statement
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Unformatted text preview: wrong. I would like for my achievements to be that I have finished my degree with a very good grade point average. I would also like them to be that I finished with honors, is it realistic now yes later who knows. But the best achievement for me would be that I graduated with honors 3.5 gpa and maybe top of the class. I like to shoot for the stars....
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