Student Survival guide - In using Axia's educational...

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In using Axia’s educational resources, there is so many available to us to help further our education, and our learning abilities. Just to start with the University Library there is a lot there to access it seems overwhelming at first but after you look into it some more it really isn’t that bad. Now when using the link for the University Library it pulls up several different search engines and different key things to search for when you are researching something. Very useful tool if used properly (remember to use information and put in your own words so you aren’t stealing or cheating). When doing your search engine remember look for student reviewed articles when doing your search. I particularly prefer the EBSCO Host when doing a search I have found it pulls up more useful information usually on what I am looking for, but gale power search is just as good and again make sure to check the box for peer reviewed articles. You can also take some information and download it to your portable device, which means you can learn anywhere. When identifying the key information within the articles, you have to really read the article, and then make sure you find the important information. Because sometimes when you are reading an article there is what I like to call fillers (useless information) these are wrote in by most authors of magazines just to make you read more just so you can get to the good stuff. So you have to know how to spot these it is usually something that really doesn’t pertain to the subject. So after you have found those then you can find the important information and when you have your work is half way done. The Academic honesty policy is there to protect us and protect the authors of anything
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Student Survival guide - In using Axia's educational...

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