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Unformatted text preview: What society considers being immoral to others it is not. Like for example I think that it is completely immoral that a place that is supposed to sell animals (dogs, cats, fish etc) it is legally ok that they purchase their dogs from puppy farms. But in my opinion it is morally wrong, because those dogs aren’t taken care of where they are breaded and born at. It has been known that some of those dogs are mistreated, then sold and then die because of some disease that wasn’t caught by the pet stores vets or even your own. In other instances such as maybe drunk driving or legalizing certain drugs, to the people who do those things it is ok and should be legalized, but to the rest of us it is legally and morally wrong just because given what alcohol and driving and drugs have been proven to do. People have been killed by drunk driving and some instances by people under the influence of drugs. In my opinion it has been proven that these inhibit your driving skills so why do so many think it is ok,...
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