To Compare and Contrast - To Compare and Contrast Major...

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To Compare and Contrast Major Ethical Systems By Jaime L. Bates Axia University
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Ethical Formalism is classified by deontological system which means that say you see a little old lady getting ready to try to cross the street, so what would be moral would be to help the lady cross the street why because it’s the right thing to do. But if you do things with an alterior motive or have a secret agenda then you aren’t behaving according to this system. In the deontological view you must be doing something right, and moral and basically obey the laws in doing so you are also behaving by ethical formalism. My definition of ethical formalism is if you are doing something good, or moral that is based upon what we were taught is right and wrong. Utilitarianism is classified by the teleological system which means that the consequences are judged not the act itself. Example if we were to actually go out and find Bin Laden and kill him, we would be saving millions but we would be killing one man. Utilitarianism says the basically to sacrifice one to save many, is acceptable regardless of the consequences. Now society and some groups will disagree and say that it is never ok to take another human life regardless if it is getting rid of someone who has done great injustices. Religion for me is a tough one to go on, but here it goes.
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To Compare and Contrast - To Compare and Contrast Major...

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