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Checkpoint Undercover Operations

Checkpoint Undercover Operations - undercover given the...

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I would say I am against undercover work done by law enforcement because I feel that the police are abusing the system by doing so they proceed to go undercover to catch criminals but are they really doing us any good, there are still harden criminals about. But the fact still remains that there are some officers of the law who believe they are above the law, they take the law into their own hands by being the judge, jury and executioner. I believe that most the police officers at least in my state are just looking for excuses to get away with crimes themselves. It was reported that some officers say do a drug bust and instead of doing their job and turning the drugs in, they proceed to keep them for their own use or turn around and sell them putting the drugs back on the streets. I was always thought the police were here to police our streets, keep us safe and stop crime not help induce it. But by giving the police the opportunity to go undercover it really isn’t
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Unformatted text preview: undercover given the fact that some cops are just as bad as the criminals they are trying to catch. Now most police are going undercover to catch drug dealers, in my opinion who cares get the drunks, and the rapist and murderers. Yes are they leaving drug dealers on the streets yes but look at it like this with no one to stop them they will keep dealing and eventually end up killing themselves off in drug wars, and the people who buy them if they are buying them and get caught in gunfire oh well. It sounds bad yes but come to Cleveland Ohio and see the drugs and everything downtown, and you’ll agree with me just let them keep on it will be just like jungle the bigger cats will eventually eat the smaller ones, which means eventually there will only be one left and then let the police go catch him he probably won’t be hard to find....
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