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Law Enforcement 1 Law Enforcement Deviance By Jaime L. Bates Axia College University of Phoenix
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Law Enforcement 2 The first deviance that I chose being the most obvious one is police brutality. Now in the Rampart Review I don’t believe that there were any actual good reasons behind beating the guy until he vomited blood, it isn’t right for police to use excessive force to interrogate suspects. Just because the guy didn’t give them the answers they wanted to hear, they beat him and that’s not right. Why it was allowed to flourish? They allowed a task force to invoke the “god mentality’, meaning that they think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Eventually they did get caught for those deviances, but at what cost? This should have never got this out of hand in the first place. They should have trained them better; made sure they were closely supervised and should not have just been allowed to just run free with no consequences. In other words, they should have been on a tighter leash. Now I have found several instances on the internet where police have used excessive force in an arrest or apprehension of a criminal. The one that I found occurred in New York in 1995, where officers had shot two supposed criminals; one was only 18 the other 21. According to the investigation, one was shot 14 times and the other was shot 8. They found gun shots under their arms and around their torso, indicating that they were unarmed. The investigation stated that it proved they were shot from behind because of the entry and exit wounds to the head. (Mala, 2009)
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Law Enforcement Deviance - Law Enforcement 1 Law...

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