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Checkpoint Attorneys' ethical resposibility

Checkpoint Attorneys' ethical resposibility - Here is how I...

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Here is how I view this case, as a lawyer you are supposed to represent your client guilty or not guilty. Now does it pose some ethical dilemmas yes especially if you have mixed feelings. But in this case I think it is important to address the fact that his confession was not properly done, I was not present he wasn’t read his rights. Innocent or not his rights were violated, so I would pursue that avenue. I would also look into getting his confession dismissed because of the violation of his rights. My opinion would not change either way just because as a lawyer, the job is to serve your client guilty or not. Now I still believe of the premise that you are innocent until proven guilty. Now because the police did not read my client his Miranda rights and coerced him into a confession, I will try to get the confession dismissed and go from there. I also was not present during this confession, another violation of rights.
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