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Checkpoint ethical obligations

Checkpoint ethical obligations - Some ethical obligations...

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Some ethical obligations that defense attorneys have are Conflict of interest, Responsibility to the client, and confidentiality. Lawyers especially the defense should always set aside their personal opinions or difference’s when taking a case, because of the fact if they let some of their personal feelings get in the way it is going to affect them and their client. The prosecution has similar ethical obligations, but there are slightly different. They are Conflict of interest, Use of discretion, and Plea bargaining. Take for example if they were having to defend a rapist, and say has some personal feelings about it or is biased even it is going to be bad for the client, because basically the defense is going to make it really easy on the prosecution. Prosecution has similar conflicts of interest, but just the same no matter what they are lawyer’s defense or prosecution their job is simple. They have to do whatever it takes within their means to serve their client and their case. Responsibility to the client, well in this first and for most the defense’s job is to be a
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