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The subculture of correctional officers is similar but very different to that of police officers. There are very big differences as well, such as the rules for correctional officers are different than those of the police because the inmates are already in prison or jail they do not have to be caught they just need to be maintained. Basically they have to keep their authority over inmates, so they always need to defend each other especially in front of the inmates. Now just as with the police subculture with this you do not rat on each other, and always defend your fellow officers or back them up against or in front of the inmates. Basically what there subculture is saying is make sure yourself and your fellow officers are safe, but the ethical problem with this is sometimes they use
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Unformatted text preview: abusive or aggressive force to maintain the inmates. Now they don’t answer to the same laws as police do they answer to the warden. Now they have to defend themselves by any means necessary and any C.O. will tell you that. Now there have been cases in which the inmates have been abused or physically harmed to the point of hospilization but the problem is they are so afraid that will happen again they lie and say another inmate did it which in that case it is up to the jail to take care of that on the inside. Do things go too far? Of course they do but just like with the police it is the same thing using brute force and their position to do whatever they feel is necessary....
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