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I would not mail the letter, because obviously his mail was taken away for a reason. Now also the fact that he is a troublemaker, he could make things worse or better by not mailing the letter. But the fact still remains, that I am guard and he is the inmate if I do something for one that has their privileges taken away then I have to do it all. It is a very grey area; most will probably say mail the letter because it is no big deal. But the fact still remains that I am the guard and they are inmates they are obviously here for a reason. So take this into consideration should I mail the letter and hope that there aren’t any imperative consequences, or do what I am
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Unformatted text preview: supposed to do my job? Because I believe that prison guards and others are there to keep the peace and be almost in a sense feared. Now I would classify this under teleological, because of judging the consequences of the act not the act itself. But the fact still remains that in this scenario I am the corrections officer, and he is the inmate it is that simple. Regardless of if he could make things easier or harder I have the control and the power not them. Once inmates think the rules are bent for them they expect every rule to bend for them, you can’t give in....
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