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Checkpoint Systems Development Life Cycle

Checkpoint Systems Development Life Cycle - This brings you...

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The first stage is the planning stage and this is where you put your ideas together on what exactly is your system going to be. What components is it going to need, and will this work for what the customer is requesting the system for. From here you go into system analysis . Next is system analysis . In this step you need to take a close look at what the company’s problem is and identify how you can customize this system to help eliminate the problem such as software, hardware etc. From here once you have figured out exactly what you need to do you then move on to the system design . In my opinion the system design is the fun part you already know what you need to make that system ideal for the customer. So what you need to do now is decide what components you are going to need to build this to the specifications.
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Unformatted text preview: This brings you to the system development . In this stage you need to determine if you are going to use your programmer for the software or just use general software. But this is where all the components need to physically be coming together. After build and install of software you then move on to the testing stage. In testing this is where you need to work out all the kinks if there is a hardware problem software or otherwise before install for the customer. After that comes Implementation . Here what happens is install setup and showing the customer that there system is made per specifications. From here the only thing that is left is maintenance . This is simple now that the system is installed and working the hardest thing here is up keep and making sure everything is running up to speed....
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