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Windows is a very popular and easy to use operating system that’s why it’s so popular is because it is very user friendly. DOS was the first but it wasn’t very user friendly if you weren’t use to you have to type in your commands in order to make it work. But with Windows the ability to function and use it by using a mouse and keyboard to move around within the system makes it more user friendly and is also why it’s one of the most widely used operating systems today, now DOS is still in use for some things and is offered through windows now. Linux fundamentally isn’t very popular except amongst computer programmers and some schools and universities still use it. But because of it’s not so easy to learn interface that’s what makes windows better because more people can use it and understand it. Before Linux there was UNIX these both are used for coding and programming and others it’s not user friendly.
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Unformatted text preview: Mac OS was Windows biggest competition back in the day when they both first came out. But Mac is popular amongst some users and not so much amongst others. Because a lot of apple items require their own software to run it makes it pain to use some times windows various different programs work flawlessly on windows and then some. But if you are looking for entertainment Mac is the way to go. Most operating systems are there to make the computer run so you can use it to do what you need to. You should always ask this question what my computer can do for me. If you can list about 10 items or more you are on the right track. All the operating systems out there it really depends on what you need it for and what you are going to do with it once you have that in mind the possibilities are endless....
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