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I think the Bead Bar would benefit from an Enterprise DBMS, because of its capabilities to have high storage, security and multiple user interfaces. They said they wanted a system that could cover several aspects of their business, now the Enterprise DBMS will give them all of the things they are looking for and more. Such as Meredith was looking for something that if they had a warehouse to help with inventory and trends, and with this system she will be able to track inventory and sales trends. Primary function would be to update price lists to the system and be able to track it online any where across the country. So someone at the main office could update so the person in the warehouse knows the price change or change in inventory. Now a Relationship model would cover most of the functions that the Bead Bar are
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Unformatted text preview: looking for and would help to outline their information. Now Miriam was looking for something to help with direct mail campaigns, and she mentioned data mining. Now data mining would be a good idea to help track the trends of their customers, and their buying habits. So furthermore my recommendations would be for them to have Enterprise DBMS, because of the storage capacity, multi-user interface, and security. A relationship model would be good for the company for outlining their information, and for some of the functions that I pointed out data mining, and being able to update price lists and track inventory. For all of this an Enterprise DBMS would be ideal for the Bead Bar and helping with the day to day operations of their company....
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