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I think that Bead Bar are just as suppecetable to major security threats just as well as any other business. The text gives poorly written software or improper configuration of systems, this in itself is a high security risk. Because if the program is not written properly it could help external and internal breaches be more possible. If the system is not configurated properly, if it doesn’t have proper anti-virus, firewall or so on it will cause major problems for the information system. A good security training plan should consist of making the employees aware of the risks out there, and what they can do to prevent them. Such as do not open emails from people you do not know, a lot of the times viruses are attached to emails and you don’t even know it. Also make sure they are aware of how to use and implement the antivirus software, and also know
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Unformatted text preview: about firewalls and how they work. I think the best active plan is a proactive one, if the employees know the risk and how to prevent them and what not to do it will prevent further problems in the long run. For online storage and backup there are plenty of free options out there but not for the size they are looking for. I did a little research and found something called and they offer up to 50gbs worth of online storage for free. So for low cost they can get there online backup at little or no cost to them. Now there is some that you have to pay for and the one that I found for that was for five to six dollars a month plus fifty cents per Gb so this could get relatively expensive I still say that Adrive would be there best bet....
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