Checkpoint multiple intelligences

Checkpoint multiple intelligences - proportion. The last...

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Here are the three sites that I found describing my strongest intelligence. My strongest intelligence according to the test is Bodily-Kinesthetic. So the sites that I found are: Bodily, bodily - kinesthetic, Bodily _kinesthe.htm. Well at it was pretty dead on in my opinion but up until this assignment I didn’t have a clue about any of the strongest intelligence types. Learning Styles-online hit the nail on the head I talk with my hands a lot I am a very expressive person, sometimes I over exaggerate things and blow things out of
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Unformatted text preview: proportion. The last one seems to be completely different from the first two and I dont think has anything to do with me at all. Well according to the multiple intelligence test my strongest intelligence is Bodily- Kinesthetic, some of the traits they fit and then again some of them do not. I think it is a little off I personally would classify myself as interpersonal I am just a very generous person in general, that and I am a very talkative and active person in that department....
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