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This paper has been copied it has a 96% match to Edgar Thomas Paper, I’m curious to find out what you were thinking when you turned this into me. It has obviously been copied to me it looks like you just copied and pasted it and then in turn tried to pass it off as your own. This is considered academic dishonesty, plagiarizing someone else’s work is stealing, and cheating you have basically ripped this off from the author and are trying to pass it off to me as your own. I will not accept this I will also have to report this to the university. Any time you submit something that you did not have your own ideas for, and say someone else prepared for you and you take credit for it is dishonest, and is cheating. Some other examples are copyright infringement, misrepresentation. The paper that you submitted was not yours was copied from Edgar Thomas, I will be reporting
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Unformatted text preview: this and there will be an inquiry done by a committee, and you will most likely be suspended till further notice. I believe that individual creativity is something that everyone needs to dig deep for and find for themselves, when you are producing a paper you have to think that if you dont word or cite something correctly that it will be considered plagiarism, and most likely you will be caught and punished for and lose the chance at a great education. In the long run it really isnt worth it to steal others work, cheat off of others or even have someone write something for you, here at Axia academic dishonesty is frowned upon, investigated and punished for. So the next time you are getting ready to turn something in that you know isnt yours dont....
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