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The technological tools that are provided to us by Axia are fundamental learning tools that in this day in age in my opinion are essential. In this technological age we are constantly growing and moving forward, if you consider where we were five years ago or even ten years ago we were not anywhere near close to where we are today. To explain that more think about it this way what were we listening to our portable music devices, you had your CD players, and even tape players. Our technology I think should be used in every bit of our lives, in everything that we do. Such as with here at Axia you have the option to download the audio material and put it on your laptop or even put it on your mp3 player. Everything that is available to us is here to help us learn grow and if you aren’t familiar with the current technologies, this is an opportunity to do so. I really like the all of the tools that are available to us I mean the tutorials, audio everything we have great resources at our disposal to
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