Assignment Mastering a skill (computers)

Assignment Mastering a skill (computers) - Well honestly a...

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Well honestly a skill that most people don’t have it is sad, but basic knowledge of a computer and I am going to tie that together with cell phones. It is hard being in this world with the techonology that is readily available to us and not know how to use it, but most don’t they have no clue. For example I worked in a insurance office for a little while, now I was just a lonely receptionist, just answering phones and basic office skills. The people I worked with on the other hand were in this business for over ten yrs, but they couldn’t figure out how to use the new computer program that the insurance company required them to start using to efficiently file claims. They could barely operate the computer itself. This is very common most people don’t know the basics or even the complicated mechanics of a computer and how it works. They just know how to get on it and use the internet, and that is sad given our day in age. Cell phones well I used to sell cell phones for a little while as well.
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Assignment Mastering a skill (computers) - Well honestly a...

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