Checkpoint setting goals - complaining less, and being more...

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This assignment was very hard for me I am not a goal setting kind of person. But I gave it my best. 1. Is to finish my education and get my degree, to help me find a better career. -Good grades and better study skills. I would like to have these within the next couple months. -Keep trying working hard and never give up. In order to go to school online you have to be self disciplined and I am working on that. -Learn new study habits. I say I can have this also within the next couple months. -To achieve this I need to absorb everything that is available to me learn and better myself and further my education. 2. To obtain a better position at my current job. -Work harder prove myself a quality worker, and a good candidate for management. This I would like to achieve in the three months. -What exactly I am going to do to achieve this is that I am going to show the upper management why I would be a good candidate for a promotion, by working harder
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Unformatted text preview: complaining less, and being more of a team player.-To receive a promotion at least one level above where I am now. I would like to do this within the next month.- By being a shining star that glimmer they have yet to notice, stop being like everyone else and overachieve. Work harder and brush up on my procedures and stop making so many waves. My goals are simple not very hard to achieve the reason I have prioritized my education first, is because I want work harder at this to finish so I can get the better career instead of working for the company I do. My education goals are specific but vague because the long term ones are going to take me longer to achieve but the short term ones, are what I need to do right now cause If I do not do those I will not get any further and I know that....
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Checkpoint setting goals - complaining less, and being more...

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