Assignment Mastering a skill (Driving)

Assignment Mastering a skill (Driving) - 1 Mastering Skills...

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1 Mastering Skills By Jaime L. Bates Axia College University of Phoenix
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2 I think a lot of people at least where I live do not have the basic driving skills, yes they were able to get there drivers license, but I think we need to have some sort of test every time we renew our license if they cannot pass that test they need to take a course to better their driving skills. A good friend of mine wrote in his blog about the problems that he ran into while driving to West Virginia he discovered a lot of problems on the road such as putting makeup on, talking on the cell phone, people adjusting their gps these are just a few things you should just not do while driving. But a lot of people take for granted that they have a license and in my opinion abuse it. Statistically most accidents are caused by negligent drivers, who are doing things while driving that they should not be doing, like texting, changing clothes, personal grooming(shaving, combing hair, putting on makeup) I was in a accident because of someone’s negligence and I
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Assignment Mastering a skill (Driving) - 1 Mastering Skills...

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