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Checkpoint Reading and comprehension - concentration. I...

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I read the presentation document at 504.35 per minute, according to the calculations. My approach to the reading was to learn how fast or slow my words per minute are and learn about effective business presentations. Well I am on vacation this week so I am on my laptop in my hotel room first thing this morning while my mind is fresh and awake; I had peace and quiet and no distractions. Minimizing distractions well I think that was the easy part I kicked my traveling companions out the room, so I could get my assignments done, turned the TV off and turned the cell phone on no ringer, I had complete silence and full
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Unformatted text preview: concentration. I dont know if I can say I was emotionally involved given the fact that it takes a lot for me to become emotional about anything I am kind of closed off when it comes to things like that. My family says that is my worse trait. Recite and survey. Well most the terms in the reading I already know but the term that stuck out that I have not used, nor remembered the definition or proper use for is protagonist the word protagonist is a noun, and is the most important character in a novel, play, story, or other literary work....
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