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I have chosen simple yet elegant for my presentation. I have chosen the apex design for the background, but I changed the font to black and white, just a little something to make it pop. I am going to include some clip art of food, along with a chart covering the basic financial gain. Designing this was not easy it is still done needs a lot of work. But I am going to try to find some more food graphics to include in my presentation, since my topic is a snack bar. I am still trying to incorporate the actual words in there somewhere. I am trying to make sure I have included everything that I need to include for my final presentation; I really want to make sure
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Unformatted text preview: that I haven’t missed anything. I think my presentation should be visually pleasing to the eye, and also it needs to cover all aspects of my topic. I still have not come up with all of my ideas for my presentation, but it is a work in progress. Given that this will be my very first power point presentation I want to try my best to do it right. Preparing a presentation like this I think it needs to have sufficient visual aids, but not too much you don’t want to take away from the point of the presentation. But so far that is what I have chosen for my presentation I am sure I will have more later....
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