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Checkpoint creating effective documents - for the paper As...

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When writing any document you need to make sure you are appealing to the audience, not only in the reading but in the way it appears. When creating an academic document you need to make sure you are covering all points required for the paper itself. You also need to make sure your audience is considered in your writing. Also make sure it is written in proper format you shouldn’t have big font, and don’t use anything but the basic font format. When formatting any paper I think that the font and size are very important. Because you need to make sure you are following the guidelines for your assignment. When formatting for an academic paper you need to make sure you have your margins properly, and the proper headings
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Unformatted text preview: for the paper. As far as guidelines are concerned I think that margins and headers are important for an academic paper but not for business purposes. Still like with anything you write you need to make sure what your reader is reading is not only appealing to them by reading it, but visually pleasing to eye. Because for me when I am reading something I want to be interested, but also it needs to be easy to read not by what is written but by how it is formatted. When writing anything business or otherwise always have your audience in mind and remember your tone....
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