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Checkpoint Programming Languages

Checkpoint Programming Languages - generation of languages...

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Well, I would say the major differences between object orientated programming and generations 1-4 are the code. With the object orientated you can change things without changing the base code. Because you start with a base code or the object that is already pre-programmed you do not have to start from scratch, especially if you are programming something with multiple items that would require more code and more work. Plus it would cost your customer more by doing it that way. So being able to start with an object and work from there is easier and more beneficial for everyone. With generations 1-4 you would have to change the base code first before changing anything else. I think using object oriented would be an easier way to program. Some similarities are that most object orientated programming starts with one the 1-4
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Unformatted text preview: generation of languages. So in order to use object orientated you have to start with one the four languages. My best analogy would be its like coloring hair if you do not start with the correct base color your hair will turn out the wrong color, and perhaps a color that you did not want or did not think you could get. Take for instance you wanted your hair to be brown but, you are a blonde and if you were to take just brown and put it on your hair, you will end up green because the underlying tones predict what the final color will be. So in other words, if you do not have the right programming language to begin with you are going to end up with the wrong result in the end. This in the computer world is bad because you could end up causing major problems for your customers....
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