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Humanities 2 Study Guide - Humanities 2 Spring 2009 Prof....

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Humanities 2 Spring 2009 Prof. Stanley Chodorow Study Guide Final Examination You will have three hours for the exam. It will be divided into three parts. Part One will be short answers. Part Two will have two short essays. Part Three will contain one long essay. The three parts have equal value. Your grade will be a simple average of your grades on each part of the exam. I. Short Answers We will choose 10 of the following. Be prepared to answer each question in one paragraph. Each is worth 5 points. Some of these items are questions. Answer them. For historical figures, institutions, or groups, indicate the historical significance of the person, institution or group during the period of the course. For concepts and events, explain what the concept means and what the event was and indicate its historical significance. In general, the more information you can provide with respect to each item the better, but keep an eye on the time. You will not succeed if you spend too much time on one or two of the short questions. (These items are not in any particular order.) Camilla Aeolus Sinon Dido’s “marriage” to Aeneas Nisus & Euryalus Aeneas’ armor Why is Book 9 of the Aeneid Turnus’s book? Drances Hunt imagery Golden bough Snake imagery in the Aeneid What is the significance of Virgil’s use of the word “condit” in line 950 of the Aeneid? The images of flame and burning in the Aeneid
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Humanities 2 Study Guide - Humanities 2 Spring 2009 Prof....

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