Chapter 8 - Presidency - 5 Pardoning power a They can grant...

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1. Presidency – Chapter 8 a. Official Powers i. Head of State 1. Negotiating Treaties a. The president has the power to make treaties but 2/3rds of the Senate  must vote to ratify 2. Ceremonial/diplomatic 3. Executive Agreements 4. Executive Orders: a. Executive orders allow a president to enter into secret and sensitive  arrangements with foreign countries without Senate approval. i. Binding during the administration, but do not bind the next administration ii. Head of Government 1. Appointment powers 2. Appoint executive positions a. Confirmed by Senators 3. Chief Executive a. Law enforcement 4. Commander-in-chief a. Civilian control of the military b. War Powers Act – 1973 i. President has 90 days to send troops before Congress declares war. ii. presidents have basically ignored these congressional attempts to  control the presidential ability to wage war.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Pardoning power a. They can grant reprieves or pardons releasing an individual from the punishment or legal consequences of a crime before or after conviction and restores all rights and privileges of citizenship. b. Nixon pardoned by Gerald Ford 6. Regulatory Policymaker (executive Orders) b. Partly Official/unofficial i. Legislative 1. Veto Powers (Official) 2. Convene Congress (Official) 3. Agenda Setter (Unofficial) 4. Negotiator (Unofficial) c. Unofficial Powers i. Leader of Party 1. Popularity a. Important to influence the decisions of Congress ii. Leader of Public Opinion 1. “Bully Pulpit” a. State of the Union Address b. Presidential Addresses, Interviews c. Press Conferences...
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Chapter 8 - Presidency - 5 Pardoning power a They can grant...

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