soc[1][1] - Ethos – character a person’s nature or...

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Unformatted text preview: Ethos – character, a person’s nature or disposition; the characteristic spirit, prevalent tone or sentiment of a people or community, tone, the ‘genius’ of an institution or system; Weber-labor is not considered a means to an end, but an end in itself-increase of capital is seen as a duty-characterized by worldly asceticism (abstain from worldly pleasure) Eschatological – as it relates to sociology: the theory of end states, place where society will end up; Marx-End state is som; peasants will go from being a class-in themselves to a class-for-themselves; will revolt -no class, no conflict, property is controlled by state Epiphenomenal – something that appears in addition, a secondary symptom; Marx-everything is epiphenomenal to production Asceticism – rigorous self discipline, severe abstinence, austerity; Weber-Worldly asceticism of the Calvinists Paradigm – pattern or model; conceptual or methodological model; an example *Solidarity – united or at one in some aspect, especially in interests, sympathies, or aspirations; Durkheim *Anomie – American Exceptionalism – ideology that US is somehow different from rest of the world; free from bonds of history, religious conflict, class strife- sociology rook root more slowly because of this Functionalism – society is a system composed of mutually dependent parts which exist in equilibrium ; each part has a function *Symbolic interactionism – Conflict Theory – emphasizes competition and conflict among individuals and groups to control...
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soc[1][1] - Ethos – character a person’s nature or...

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