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Wednesday August 22 Continued on the Evolution of Psychology. I. The Humanists Revolt a. Many psychologists discovered that the views and studies of behavior and psychoanalytic theory were super unappealing and claimed they were dehumanizing .” The common theories and thoughts had come to suggest that people are not in control of what happens to them (their destinies). The humanists thought that the study of psychology as a whole had failed to give credit to the special qualities only found in human behavior. b. Humanism is the theoretical stance that places importance on the idea that humans are unique--they have freedoms, they have potential, and they have the ability to make choices. Psychologists who found psychology to be heading in a generally negative direction developed Humanism during the 1950s. In addition, the humanists argued that because humans are obviously very different than animals, animal studies did little to relate to behaviors in humans. c. Carl Rogers : humanist; said that human behavior is controlled by each individual’s “self-concept” (or how one views his/her own self as a unique being). Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) is another important humanist to remember. II. Psychology as a Profession a. Applied Psychology deals with practical, real-life problems. Within applied psychology is the very popular clinical psychology that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders and issues. This became a very important branch of psychology during World War II (1939-1945) when many academic psychologists were called into service to screen military recruits and to treat soldiers suffering with trauma. III.
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psyc_aug22_2 - Wednesday August 22 Continued on the...

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