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ED 118:  Schooling and Multicultural Society      FORM 9:  ANYON AND OAKES, STRATIFICATION OF EDUCATIONAL  OPPORTUNITY Name__________________________________________________ STRATIFICATION OF EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY  1.  Reflection How did your work in your study group go on Thursday, March 13?   What are two points that you took away from your work on Joan Cone? 2.  JEANNIE OAKES, Keeping Track:  Structuring Equality and Inequality in an Era of Accountability (2008) a) What reasons does Oakes give for the disadvantages  of tracking and for whom? b) What does Oakes mean when she says on page 706, “to really understand tracking, one must pay attention  to complex beliefs and values, while noting the politics of power and privilege”? Page  1  of  3
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ED 118:  Schooling and Multicultural Society      FORM 9:  ANYON AND OAKES, STRATIFICATION OF EDUCATIONAL 
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Unformatted text preview: OPPORTUNITY 3. JEAN ANYON, Social Class and School Knowledge (1981) a) What results does Anyon report about the nature of knowledge offered to students in the working class, middle class, affluent professional, and executive elite schools, and how does this come about? b) What are the themes that Anyon reports for the curriculum in each school and how do they come about? c) Discuss the last four paragraphs on pp. 38-39 and state them in your own terms. page 2 of 3 ED 118: Schooling and Multicultural Society FORM 9: ANYON AND OAKES, STRATIFICATION OF EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY *What are one or two important commonalities between these two articles? *What are one or two important differences? page 3 of 3...
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Form_9_oakes_anyon-1 - OPPORTUNITY 3 JEAN ANYON Social...

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