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1. Lecture 6 Notes a. Measuring Energy Transfer i. Measure heat transfer 1. (Calorimetry) b. Measure of Force, Work, Power i. Force = Mass *Accel 1. Newton (N) = kg *m/s^2 ii. Work = Force * Distance 1. Joule iii. Power = Work/time 1. Watt c. More about Lactic Acid i. Lactate uptake v production 1. Lactate “flux”
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Lactate is used as fuel by muscle and heart iii. When and why does lactate accumulate? 1. Oxygen availability 2. Tolerance 3. Training iv. Lactate “threshold” 1. Trained v Untrained 2. Normal person about 55% 3. Professional athletes about 85-90% v....
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