rmins_lab_9 - IOE 265 Fall 07 November 28, 2007 Lab 9:...

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IOE 265 – Fall 07 November 28, 2007 Note: Please make sure you type in your answers in the spaces provided and submit this file electronically via the CTools website under Assignments. Save this file as ‘ uniqname _lab_9’ with your own uniqname. Microtronic, Inc produces scan engines for applications in retail and manufacturing. Microtronic sells these scan engines to various providers of bar code systems. One of Microtronic’s customers (a manufacturer of complete bar code systems) recently reported failures of the scan engines in both incoming inspection tests and field failures. Microtronic has formed a project team to identify the root cause(s) of the problem, and to implement corrective actions that will prevent recurrence of this problem in the future. The team began by analyzing several failed units. The analysis team found that the failures of the motor were related to a failed weld joint between a bracket and one of the clamps in the motor. Based on historical analyses, Microtronic knows that two potential sources for failed weld joint defects are (1) insufficient joint strength between the clamp and bracket, and (2) impurities in the clamp material. Microtronic measures joint strength by utilizing a destructive weld test whereby the clamp is pulled until it separates from the bracket (the weld joint breaks). The force required to break the weld joint is referred to as the “shear force” and represents a critical performance output variable
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/01/2008 for the course IOE 265 taught by Professor Jin during the Spring '07 term at University of Michigan.

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rmins_lab_9 - IOE 265 Fall 07 November 28, 2007 Lab 9:...

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