Bug in a cup - September 14th Today was the first day with...

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September 14 th : Today was the first day with the new bugs. I decided to name the Chico Mendez and El Diablo. The milkweeds are a little larger than the size of poppy seed. Almost 1/8 th of an inch. September 15 th : The second day with Chico and Diablo. They don’t seem any bigger; I didn’t expect them to grow much anyway. I decided to replenish the water; it seemed to be pretty dry already. September 16 th : I moved the container in which the bugs were in, to a warmer location. It’s been pretty cold lately. There is a tiny piece of something if in the container. Could be an exoskeleton or a piece or sunflower seed. September 17 th : I found some mold on the sunflower seeds today. It doesn’t really seem like the milkweeds eat the seeds, but today I changed the seeds. Once I opened the container the milkweeds tried to escape, I scared them by gently blowing into the container. September 18 th : I think I found another exoskeleton today. Chico seemed to be eating the exoskeleton. Maybe they can get more protein this way. September 19 th : Today for some reason I noticed that the bugs were a little larger than when I first got them. They are a little smaller than the size of a piece of rice. I also changed the water. September 20 th : I don’t think I’ve found a good way of dampening the sponge yet. I found mold again on the sunflower seeds. So I replaced the sunflower seeds. September 21 st : The milkweeds seem to be all over each. Diablo is right on top of Chico. Could they possibly be mating? Or is Diablo just tying to feel out the environment. I found another new exoskeleton.
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September 26 th : One of the bugs shed another exoskeleton. They are clearly growing pretty rapidly.
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Bug in a cup - September 14th Today was the first day with...

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