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Bug in a cup report - 1 Introduction: My objective for this...

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1 Introduction: My objective for this project are to successfully rear a milkweed bug to an adult, make observations during the procedure, prepare a well written report, and learn some of the wonders of insects in the process. Methods: The methods I used to document my bugs were pretty simple. I would check on them in the morning, afternoon and before I went to bed. I would wet the sponge and replace the seeds when necessary. The method I used to wet the sponge in the center was to simply get a drip of water on my finger tip and let it fall on to the sponge. I would repeat this until I felt it was adequately moistened. When the insects tried to escape their container I would gently blow into the container to scare them. I tried to document their behavior at any point in the day, but I believe the vibrations from my movement would scare them stiff. Results: September 14 th : Today was the first day with the new bugs. I decided to name the Chico Mendez and El Diablo. The milkweeds are a little larger than the size of poppy seed. Almost 1/8 th of an inch. September 15 th : The second day with Chico and Diablo. They don’t seem any bigger; I didn’t expect them to grow much anyway. I decided to replenish the water; it seemed to be pretty dry already. September 16 th : I moved the container in which the bugs were in, to a warmer location. It’s been pretty cold lately. There is a tiny piece of something if in the container. Could be an exoskeleton or a piece or sunflower seed. September 17 th : I found some mold on the sunflower seeds today. It doesn’t really seem like the milkweeds eat the seeds, but today I changed the seeds. Once I opened the container the milkweeds tried to escape, I scared them by gently blowing into the container. September 18 th : I think I found another exoskeleton today. Chico seemed to be eating the exoskeleton. Maybe they can get more protein this way. September 19 th : Today for some reason I noticed that the bugs were a little larger than when I first got them. They are a little smaller than the size of a piece of rice. I also changed the water. September 20 th : I don’t think I’ve found a good way of dampening the sponge yet. I found mold again on the sunflower seeds. So I replaced the sunflower seeds. September 21 st : The milkweeds seem to be all over each. Diablo is right on top of Chico. Could they possibly be mating? Or is Diablo just tying to feel out the environment. I found another new exoskeleton.
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2 September 26 th : One of the bugs shed another exoskeleton. They are clearly growing pretty rapidly. The exoskeletons are becoming more visible. I’m starting to make out legs on the exoskeleton. September 27 th : Today I found Chico walking around, but an exoskeleton is attached to him. He seems to be having trouble getting out of it. I want to help him, but I don’t want to risk hurting him. September 28
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Bug in a cup report - 1 Introduction: My objective for this...

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