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Soc Test Review - Auguste Comte Credited with being the...

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Auguste Comte Credited with being the founder of sociology, coined the term sociology Urged Sociologist to use systematic observations, experimentation, and comparative historical analysis. Divided the study of sociology into social statics and social dynamics Harriet Martineau Made the first book on methodology of social research, How to Observe Manners and Mora. Also compared stratification systems (rank/ caste system) of Europe and the US. Defender of Women’s rights, Herbert Spencer English sociologist Compared society to a biological organism, made of interrelated parts. (ex. Humans: organs, society: institutions) Made the term “Social Darwinism” Said Government shouldn’t interfere with natural processes in society Karl Marx Considered himself a political activist not a sociologist Born in Germany, and was identified with the communist revolution. Believed that society is divided into those that can produce wealth and those who cant (Class Conflict) Max’s Perspective: Dialectical materialism (development depends on the contradictions that make rise for new structures) Superstructure (made up of political idealology, religion, family organizations, education, government make up) Viewed as an economic determinist Emile Durkheim French sociologist, focused on how societies hold together and endure. He said sociology is the concept of social integration (the number of relationships) and is necessary for
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Soc Test Review - Auguste Comte Credited with being the...

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