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A better option is to transfer the information from the network diagram to a bar chart. Using a bar chart to convey schedule info allows the creator of the schedule to display all the information of the network diagram in a tabular report (i.e. Rows and columns of info) as well as displaying graphics (the bars and timescale) to help reinforce the schedule. Typical information in the bar chart can include: Activity ID and descriptions Timing to complete an activity I the form of durations and start/ finish dates The specific location of an activity when presented along a timescale. This helps ID concurrency between unrelated activities and helps display potential space conflicts before they appear on the construction site. Other information which can be displayed includes: Resource info (i.e. Costs, labor, material, equipment)
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Unformatted text preview: Graphical projections of resource usage (i.e. Bell curves and S-curves). Depending on the reader of the schedule; the appearance and data presented in a bar chart can be tailored for the specific use of an individual or group. The contractor’s Project Team would most likely create the schedule and want to use. See as much information as possible in order to manage the project effectively. Owner’s and upper management within the Contraction Company may only need to see summarized information especially if the bar chart schedules are very long. The information presented to subcontractors would vary from what can be presented in that sensitive information would most likely be left off of a bar chart schedule. What type information might we not want to share with our subcontractors?...
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