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CNST 361 3-13-08 - Prior to updating any schedule it is...

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Chapter 14 - updating the schedule During the course of a project the schedule needs to be updated and recalculated to: Record the actual dates when work occurred. Plan for balance of work still to be completed. The ‘plan’ (at the start of a schedule or as a part of the estimate) is only a guess at the amount of time required to do the work. Completed work did not start or end on a schedule will affect the start of future work. Changes in the project (extras) may increase the amount of work to be done.
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Unformatted text preview: Prior to updating any schedule it is important to set aside a baseline or target schedule which identifies the original schedule plan. As the schedule is updated during the progress of the project, the schedule can b compared back to the original baseline. The frequency for updating the schedule is typically based on the duration of the entire project....
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