CNST 361 3-20-08 - The slow start and learning curve The...

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CNST 361 - 3-20-08 Chapter 15 - Resource Planning The schedule which are created for construction projects have the ability to incorporate the resources used during the duration of a project. A resource has two criteria which differentiate an item: Limited supply Has a value associated with it. Because of these two criteria we need to make sure we utilize labor, material, equipment or dollars (if we subcontract work) as well as possible. A cost-loaded schedule is one in which labor/ material/ equipment/ subcontractors are reduced to their dollar value and assigned to the appropriate activities within a schedule. Once the activities are cost-loaded it is possible to identify expected expenditures for any given time period. (see pages 176-177) Monthly projections appear to be most An owner may not need to have 100% of the project financing in place if they know when they need to spend money Because of the natural progression of construction projects;
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Unformatted text preview: The slow start and learning curve The ramping up of on-site activities towards the middle of the project The culmination of reducing resources as a project is completed Schedules which follow the above trend will have a distribution of costs which resemble a bell curve. The x-axis ID’s the timing of the project while the Y-axis ID’s the dollars spent If we take the information presented in the bell curve and plot-out the cumulative projections over the same duration; an s-curve is created During the course of the project cumulative billings which fall below the s-curve identify a project which is not spending enough money to stay on schedule. A variation of the s-curve is the banana curve which in addition to the information presented in the s-curve also plots the late timing for the same cumulative information. The appearance of the two curves resembles a banana....
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CNST 361 3-20-08 - The slow start and learning curve The...

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