Second Sixth Grade

Second Sixth Grade - Garrett Edell 9/20/2007 English 1A...

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Garrett Edell 9/20/2007 English 1A Second Sixth Grade Changing schools can be a stressful situation for children. They are in a new environment and out of a comfortable one. They most often must make new friends while their old ones drift away. Now add in the fact of repeating a grade that the child has already completed. This would create a foreign and uncomfortable situation for any child. He would feel lost and displaced from his peers, having already been through that part of their life. These were my first feelings when all this happened to me. “You will have to do sixth grade a second time,” my mother told me, “If you are going to attend this school. “ That sounded so uncomfortable to me. I thought only stupid kids redid grades. Everyone would laugh at me if they found out I was in my second year of the same grade level. I asked my mom why I was even applying to this new school and why they wanted me to go, because I did not want to. They told me that it was a very good private school and going there would help me get into a great college later on. They also said that the school I was currently in was not a good environment for me and that it was one of the lowest ranked public schools in the city. What did all this mean to me? I didn’t care about future colleges or rankings. All that concerned me was all the friends I would leave behind when I had to change schools. Because this was a supposedly exceptional private institution, there were many procedures I had to go through to finally be accepted. We had to take a tour of the school and have numerous interviews with the headmaster and other faculty. I also had to take a placement test to see if I was “smart ” enough to attend. I instantly did not like the feel of the place. It seemed ostentatious, confined and stuffy. All of the students walked around with an air of self importance and pretension. They seemed so full of themselves. During the tour I noticed how small the school was as compared to the one I was in currently. I wondered, “Wouldn’t I get bored with so few people?” and “Won’t it be harder to make friends?” Then a great fear hit me that I would be all alone if I got into this school. I would be the only
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kid who was down to Earth and didn’t care about money or who was smartest. I would later find out, that only a select few were truly like this and I made a generalization because they stood out so much. Then I found out about the dress code which I had never anticipated in a school.
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Second Sixth Grade - Garrett Edell 9/20/2007 English 1A...

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